The Bvumba eco-system offers a unique environment.

The forest floors, trees and rocks are covered in ferns, mosses and orchids. In patches of prehistoric looking spiny tree ferns, one could almost imagine dinosaur roaming so surreal is the experience.

Come September you might think that someone hired Van Gogh to paint the scenery; the whole area is a tapestry of colours as the msasa trees unfold their new leaves. Reds and orange, rich olive greens and yellows blend together to create a stunning dance of colours.

  On a hot day in October the atmosphere is moist, cool and lush. At other times of the year, flowering epiphytic orchids provide a colourful contrast with the trees they grow in. The moods of the Bvumba and its forests are many and transpose themselves onto your subconscious – comforting and melancholic on a misty day, secluded and peaceful on a hot.

While spring is fresh and playful winters are time for contemplation and solace as the forest broods. Sometimes petulant changes in the weather provide ample excuse to retreat indoors to contemplate.


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