A 10 minute walk takes you to one of the most unique rainforests in Zimbabwe, the Bunga Forest. This is a protected National Botanical Reserve where you will find the endemic Marshall's Dwarf Chameleon. Walking through the forest, you may find spore of Bush Pig and Blue Duiker or hear its shrill whistle of alarm when this tiny antelope thinks you are to close for comfort.

Follow the path through the deep heart of the forest to its conclusion at the Bunga Views, an area of spectacular cliffs and brachystegia woodland, overlooking the lower parts of the forest and the Burma Valley. The path, which leads you back to the main road, winds through montane grassland with scattered cabbage trees raising their microphone-shaped flowerheads. Wild proteas abound and attract a profusion of sun and sugarbirds.

A walk to Castle Beacon, finds you traversing a large granite dome. Here the lower slopes are a mist belt with sub-montane vegetation while proteas abound on the higher levels. Birchenough Bridge is clearly visible from the prominence and it is said that the Indian Ocean can be seen at dawn on a particularly clear day.

Chinhamapere Hill, has been a culturally-important site since the Iron Age and is highly recommended for natural history buffs. There you will find well-preserved hunter-gatherer rock art paintings (comprising several human figures, some holding bows and arrows and others in trance) thought to be of around 8000 years in age, as well as contemporary ritual sites, used for rainmaking, divining and healing.


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